The Illuminate You Buisness Programme

Helping Service-Led Businesses & Coaches To Discover Your Unstoppable Power, Grow A Thriving Business With Consistent Revenue, & Create True Impact & Freedom.

Can We Get Real A Minute? 


When you first dreamed of launching your own business, you weren't envisioning days full of struggle, self-doubt and uncertainty.

You had no idea that you were going to feel totally overwhelmed and pulled in a million different directions about how to get clients and grow your business. 

You were thinking you'd be working a set number of hours a day, paying off debt, growing your savings and enjoying the heck out of your free time!

You certainly didn't think it would be so hard to get visible and show up


Any of this sound familiar? 


"I never know exactly how much I’m going to earn each month"

"Sometimes I just post online for posting’s sake with zero strategy"

"I feel like I’m just pretending to run a business instead of running one properly but don’t know where to start" 

"I'm wanting to launch a new business and I'm freaking out, so much advice, I have no idea which one to follow"

"I don’t feel confident enough to be myself on social"

"I don’t know how to grow my business from where I am right now without working more"

"Should I niche?"

"Funnels? Lead magnets? Aren’t these items in my home?"

We Know Exactly How You're Feeling...

  • You’re tired of taking the ‘trial and error’ approach

  • You’re creating content and showing up but still aren’t attracting enough clients...

  • The market feels saturated with people already doing what you want to do…

  • You know you need a more scalable approach, but you just don’t know what to focus on next…

  •  Doing all of the things just doesn’t seem to be getting you the results you want...


You're thinking, is this me?

(It's not and we'll come onto that...)




Having a clear vision and strategy for your business that feels so damn aligned to you, that you feel more energised and committed than ever before to reach it. 

Knowing exactly who you are called to serve and aligning your gifts, talents and services with them in such a way that giving discounts is no longer a word in your vocabulary.

Stepping into your own unique lane (and out of imposter), and embracing visibility for the first time with confidence and a sense of freedom as you step into the world as the truest most powerful version of you.

Having your monthly revenue goals mapped out with the right strategies, systems and support needed to achieve them.

Having a community of fans who feel inspired by you and market to them in an authentic way that creates a steady stream of ideal clients.

Having a business that doesn’t fall down when you go on holiday and brings in revenue whilst you’re asleep. This is available for every service-based business when you open your mind to possibilities. 

You dream of doing work that's aligned with your purpose...

You dream of improving the lives of others.

​You dream of financial freedom so you can take care of yourself, take time to travel, be with family, or enjoy the natural world.

The good news is...your dreams are within reach. 


You really can work a few hours a day, have a major impact on your clients, and meet your financial goals too

It's entirely possible, and we are about to show you how.

At Illumina, we're obsessed with helping you to get results because, like you, we want the same things: financial freedom, time freedom, and to change others' lives.

After years of trial and error, we cracked the code on how to make this happen by using values-driven, feel-good marketing strategies, and...

...we are about to show you how!

It’s time to move from self-doubt to unshakable self-trust via the power of intuition.

It’s time to step into new possibilities.

Introducing The Illuminate You Business Programme

Kick-Ass Strategy +

Magical Mindset + Energetics = Illumination

Your made-to-measure success and visibility programme for building the business and life you truly desire (and totally deserve), so you can create the impact you want. 


Learn how to start & grow a successful service-led business, remove your visibility cloak (yes, this is a thing), and transform your mindset …


Illuminate You

Illuminate Your Business

Illuminate Your Life

So You Can Illuminate Others


The programme teaches a simple step-by-step process for dropping the invisibility cloak, stepping out of the business drama, and helping you to attract soul mate clients and uses strategies that build a strong foundation & provides an amazing level of support throughout.  All of this is necessary for building a thriving, sustainable business.

Here’s a quick overview:


You have eleven modules (and four bonus modules) to transform you and your business that you will learn at your own pace with workbooks, worksheets, tools, bitesize videos, everything you need to guide you to take you from struggle to success.



The results-driven support is designed to help you get results and thrive. We combine mentorship (fortnightly support calls), and practical support (monthly implementation and marketing calls), to help you get the most out of the programme, plus a community that inspires, supports and shares the journey with you.



It’s loaded with the knowledge, passion and support from two business coaches & mentors who have done what you’re being taught and have created this to help you avoid the mistakes, mishaps and meanders we did so you get to your goal quicker!


This programme meets you where you’re at in your entrepreneurial journey…. Whether you’re starting your first, or second business from scratch or you’re wanting to take your existing business to the next level
We give you everything you need to help you grow a business built on consistency, success, and impact, and help you become so comfortably visible that you shine bright.

You Will..


Build a business in alignment with your true purpose. 

Turn up and tune up your intuitive powers. ​

Stand out in a crowded market through positioning that sets you apart.

Clear away the emotional clutter that sabotages your efforts.

Create amazing offers and services that sell themselves.

Create & fill programs that fulfil their promise.

Become a master of your time, and use every minute with intention.

Learn to amazing set goals for your business and meet them with ease.

This is for you if...


  • You’re a newbie and are wanting to get off to a fast start with your coaching or service-led business.
  • You're onto your second (or third business) or pivot, and you know this time something needs to change.
  • You want to explore how different revenue streams could work for your business and help you to get to those magical £10k+ months.
  • You’re struggling to grow your existing service-led business to its next level.


Wherever you are, we have got you in more ways than you know.


Illuminate You is one of the ONLY programmes you will find that..

...not only shows you what to do in your service-led business BUT also works of a deep level to help you break free of your self-imposed beliefs and chains, so you can finally liberate yourself and be free.


You Will Learn At Your Pace

It’s a modular-based programme (loaded with support) so you can learn at your own pace. Created it out of the passion of two business coaches to arm as many service-led, impact-driven women as possible to create a truly inspiring business, brand and gorgeous life. God knows we all deserve some of that!


Results-Driven Support To Help You Thrive

We’ve combined the modular teaching, with mentoring calls, implementation calls, and marketing pods to help you get everything you need to get real results. This, combined with the support from our unique community gives you the perfect container to thrive as the born leader and bad-ass business owner, and create that beautiful life you’ve been dreaming about.


A Unique Dynamic Framework

Built on the pillars of strategy + magical mindset + energy = illumination for you, your business and your impact! We have even taken the most transformative pieces from our Accredited Coaching Training framework to help give you the best-of-breed personal transformation. 


1. Crystal Clear Clarity & Vision 

Connect and align with your business, your business purpose and what you are here to do.

2. Business By Design

Goals are the fundamentals to creating the business and life you want, and you will create your magical goals with meaning and start to identify any self-sabotaging mindset blocks.

3. Magical Mindset

Mindset is essential for success, and you will gain a deep understanding of your belief system, and how its been limiting you and will be guided through tools to rewire your mindset for success. You will uncover your powerful identity that will help you reach the next level.

4. Identity Shift

You will uncover your powerful identity that will help you reach the next level.

5. Brand You

There's only one of you so embrace what makes you unique. You will discover and connect to your USPs in such a way that you will magnetize your dream client by harnessing your brand and story, making you stand out in your own unique lane.

6. Marketing Magnifier

Having an ideal client(s) is essential to ensure the offer and messaging you have meets their needs, you will also start to build out some key messaging we will use later on in your client attraction strategy.

7. Magnetic Signature Offers

Now you start to build your flagship offer, higher value service or scalable model aligned to you, your financial and life goals and your methodology.

8. The Illumination Initiation

Here we will help you to remove your visibility cloak and slay your shadow arcetypes. This powerful module is all about being unapologetically YOU so you can attract your dreamy ideal client.

9. Organic Marketing The Soulful Way

Your guide to attracting dreamy soul mate clients using the world of organic digital marketing. We shall also cover inorganic marketing methods too.

10. Sales On Demand And Fabulous Funnels

Creating sales on autopilot is the dream for everyone and here we start to build your sales funnel and lead magnets to help automate a steady stream of leads and methods to turn them into paying clients.

11. Step Into Your Power - CEO Magic

Your business is delivering, you've got a steady stream of amazing clients and now you know you need to gain clarity on what support, systematisation and automation you need to create even more freedom in your life and to start to scale your business. 

Plus Four Bonus Modules:

Magnetise Your Money Mindset

Understand your relationship to money, why you might struggle to save, or struggle to break through a certain earning level. Begin to feel so damn good about money that you attract it in abundance. This is essential to success. 

Build Your Business Fundamentals

For newbies here’s a checklist you need when starting your business. Company setup, tech, equipment it’s all here for you so you can consider everything you need to start.

Totally Terrific Tracking Tools!

Revenue trackers, goal trackers, lead trackers, social planners everything you need is here to keep you accountable and organised. 

Success Hacks

Cultivating the right routines to bring out the best of you. Morning routines, nighttime routines, energy savers and of course self-love essentials, 

Here's What's Included (There's Alot): 

Eleven Powerful Modules

Impactful and dynamic modules built to help you where you're at, whether that's starting your first or second business, specialising or growing your current business to those consistent £10k months.

Powerful Personal Transformation

For business transformation, you must transform in the process and we help you to become unapologetically visible, step into the light and discover the powerful CEO you truly are.

Fortnightly Mentoring Support Calls 

Monthly group support call from Suzie & Victoria to answer questions you might have and keep your mindset on point throughout your journey.

Monthly Marketing Pod

Hosted by our soulful marketing team, where we will offer support and cover hot topics to help infuse some magic into your marketing.

Monthly Implementaion Calls

To give you the support and Q&A with a tech guru, ensuring you are implementing as much as transforming. 

Magical Methodology

The Illuminate You Methodology has been created to bring out the most powerful version of you and has industry-leading elements that we have infused from our pioneering Accredited Coaching Training, so rest assured our unique recipe really is powerful! 

Tools To Support Your Growth

Suggested tools to save you time, templates to guide you and trackers to keep you accountable so you can reach your juicy goals quicker.

A Private Facebook Community

Being a business owner can feel lonely and during your time with us, you get your own community if like-minded women who are here to inspire and support one another.

Four Bonus Modules

These modules help to supercharge your results, transformation and success.

ALL THIS FOR ONLY £4997 £1497 OR £297 x 6.

Six Months Support | Start In January | Lock In Offers


One Payment £1497

  • Eleven dynamic modules of self-paced learning designed to help you start or grow your service-based or coaching business.
  • Fortnightly group support and mentoring calls. 
  • Monthly group implementation calls to help you to implement the teachings.
  • Monthly Marketing Pod where we support and cover hot topics to inject some magic into your marketing.
  • Four impactful additional modules to help support your growth and success.
  • Lifetime access to modules.
  • Six months of support (option to extend).
  • Limited investment offer. Pre VAT prices, price raises in January 2023.

PLUS: Pay in full bonus of a VIP group money mindset online event worth £497.




  • 8 Months Accredited Professional Coaching Training
  • 8 hours of coach group mentoring with an experienced mentor, worth £800
  • Monthly group business coaching and mentoring over 4 months worth £500.
  • Feedback on your coaching sessions within the training worth £500.
  • Additional bonus modules and resources worth £750 including coaching tools and masterclasses.
  • Lifetime Access To Coach Training (and all future updates)

PLUS (Pay In Full Only)**

  • VIP group coaching session with Victoria and Suzie
  • Full Day Mastermind Event In London (for first 15 people only) worth £997- Meet your fellow coaches and spend a day building your business
  • VIP Access To One Of Our In Person Events in 2023

*Founders Rates End On November 21st 2022. **Additional Bonuses Exclusive to Pay In Full Only



£297 x 6

    • Eleven dynamic modules of self-paced learning designed to help you start or grow your service-based or coaching business.
    • Fortnightly group support and mentoring calls. 
    • Monthly group implementation calls to help you to implement the teachings.
    • Monthly Marketing Pod where we support and cover hot topics to inject some magic into your marketing.
    • Four impactful additional modules to help support your growth and success.
    • Lifetime access to modules.
    • Six months of support (option to extend).
    • Limited investment offer. Pre VAT prices, price raises in January 2023.


9 x £399

  • 8 Months Accredited Professional Coaching Training
  • 8 hours of coach group mentoring with an experienced mentor, worth £800
  • Monthly group business coaching and mentoring over 4 months worth £500.
  • Feedback on your coaching sessions within the training worth £500.
  • Additional bonus modules and resources worth £750 including coaching tools and masterclasses.
  • Lifetime Access To Coach Training (and all future updates)

*Founders Rates End On November 21st 2022.


Meet Our Founders

Meet Suzie & Victoria the illuminators and the Founders of ILLUMINATE YOU™ programme.


After battling with their own shadows, being done from being burnt out in corporate and then seeing other women burning out too, they decided to help all women to step into their power, show up unapologetically, stop hiding and get visible online.


The Illuminate You programme was born from the sheer need to support women to show up, drop the invisibility cloak and shine online, This programme simply supports aspiring coaches & service-based business owners to courageously embrace who they are, what they stand for and show up fearlessly as an illuminated version of who they truly are.


 Both Suzie & Victoria want every woman to know that building the dream business is possible and that by embracing your inner shadows, owning who you are is the success strategy to living life on their terms.

Meet Suzie

Suzie is one of our core teachers and is an IAPC&M Master Accredited Coach, NLP and EFT practitioner and holds a certified diploma in energy work. Due to her lifelong obsession with human behaviour and workplace psychology she also was awarded chartered status with the Chartered Institute of Personal development. In addition to teaching Suzie has been coaching for over two decades and is soon to become a Master coach. She works with leaders worldwide to help them become their best selves and her mission is to simply help support people to live an extraordinary, free life so they can contribute more.

Meet Victoria

Victoria is an IAPC&M Accredited Coach, an NLP Master Practitioner with a Master Diploma in Spiritual Life Coaching & Energy Psycology. Victoria is obsessed with helping women in business, to re-programme their belief systems so they can fulfil their potential and build a life and business they love. Her mission is to create a ripple effect so great, that her work touches millions of people worldwide.

"Victoria is truly magical..."


“Victoria is truly magical. Her work is outstanding and had helped me not just in my business but in my personal life too. I have a totally different outlook, I have a totally different way of reacting to things and as a result of that, I am attracting my ideal vlients into my life. My personal relationships have become much better and I feel aligned which is the ultimate success to me in all aspects of my life.


Nikolett Vegh-Dean - Skin Specialist & Aspiring Coach

We believe EVERY one of us has an unbelievable limitless potential just waiting to be tapped into. 


When we learn to own who we are, shake off our shackles and illuminate ourselves, no matter what industry we are in, we create a ripple effect for positive change across the globe.


“In the last 6 months, my business revenue has tripled...."


“In the last 6 months, my business revenue has tripled, I’ve launched new high-end packages, held 3 public speaking engagements and I have a new found love for my business! Suzie helps combine strategic thinking, creativity, and excellence to help people generate money, recognise their unique gifts, and thrive at what they love. I would recommend Suzie to any female business owner who wants help to get to the next level within their business."

Amber Silverman - Nutritionalist

What's Included:


A Pioneering Business & Transformation Programme

Learn at your own pace with our online portal which contains the module teachings, workbooks or sheets, tools and trackers you need to grow, learn and implement this content-rich programme. 


Results-Driven Support

Fortnightly mentoring group calls, monthly implementation calls and marketing pods. The support is there to help you get results! 


Your Own Private Community

The Illuminate You Private Community is full of like-minded visionaries who are here to support, inspire and cheer on one another through this journey to illumination. 


Learn Alongside Your Life

The programme can be accessed on your mobile or laptop and is all self-paced learning, so you can learn and implement at your own pace. Lifetime access means just that. 


December Only Offers

For December we have slashed the investment of the programme, plus there is no VAT and you start in January so there's no better time to join in time for 2023.


I Want To Join Illuminate You
I'm now chasing my dreams with a newfound confidence and strength


(Since working with Victoria) "I'm now chasing my dreams with a newfound confidence and strength. I'm on a trajectory to make a difference not just to my clients but to my industry and to my life.

Maria Rylott-Byrd - Corneotherapist, Clinic Owner, Solo Skin Pro Business Mentor & Co-Founder of Skin Professionals UK , Founder of SK-INTELLEKT®. 



You're worth it!

Pay in Full at £1497 or  6 monthly instalments of x £297
“The work I've done with Suzie is life-changing"


“The work that I've done with Suzie that has been life changing and I couldn't have done it without Suzie being such a divine mirror and allowing me to see those belief systems and in built structures in my subconscious that were just out of sight but we're really creating chaos and some roadblocks in business for me.

I was navigating the transition into a second business but I didn't know how to do it as it meant I had to step away from a career that I've built over seven years, but I'd completely grown out of. It meant stepping into a new purpose and whole new identity. Suzie held my hand through that process and guided me and helped me come back to my truth and my visions, which was invaluable.

Suzie could always stop me in my tracks, and pinpoint where the blockage was coming from and realign my energy. I thought I had a successful business before and now I'm in an amazing position. Before there was so much struggle now it’s all coming with ease and its freedom. I feel free.”

Mollie Bylett, CEO Where’s Mollie and Adventuring Within


FOR JUST £1,497 or 6 x £297 YOU GET:

Eleven Powerful Modules

Powerful Personal Transformation

Fortnightly Mentoring Support Calls 

Monthly Marketing Pod

Monthly Implementation Calls

Magical Methodology

Tools To Support Your Growth

Four Brilliant Bonus Modules

A Private Facebook Community

 "I have also doubled my monthly revenue and profit whilst working 10 days less..."


Before I started working with Victoria, I felt a little unaligned with the direction I wanted to take as I had so many ideas. 

After the first session, Victoria helped me get aligned with my true goals, helped me get a strong sales process together to covert more clients to my higher-value laser treatments and put together a strong communication plan via social to close the doors to treatments I didn’t want to continue to offer. 

I have stopped doing treatments I didn't like doing, have set a price increase and now I'm doing the treatments I love. I have also doubled my monthly revenue and profit whilst working 10 days less each of those months. £3k per month to £7k the past 2 months. 

Working with Victoria has been what I have needed to build my confidence and I’m excited to build on my strategy to grow my business".

Michaela Hill - Salon Owner At The Comfort Zone Hartlepool



It's time to Illuminate You!

Pay in Full at £1497 or  6 monthly instalments of x £297
Suzie showed me not only how to grow my business but gave the confidence to take it to the next level"


“I had become stuck in a rut in my business, not growing but not knowing why. Suzie showed me not only how to grow my business but gave the confidence to take it to the next level. This coaching has taken me out of my comfort zone and pushed me to where I feel should be heading. An amazing woman with so much business knowledge and a complete breath of fresh air!”

Michelle De Neys, Business Owner

If you've still not pushed a pink button yet, you must have questions..

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